Your day will be filled with excursions and events on and off the resort. The daily schedule will be posted by the info desk and you can always ask a Trip Leader if you have any other questions.

The deadline to purchase excursions before your trip is 4 week prior to departure. Make sure to log on to your My Profile and save your spot before they sell out! Space is limited, and fill up fast. You are sometimes able to purchase excursions at the resort, however it is cash-only purchases.

Themed Events (included): Each night on the resort there will be a themed night event for you and your friends! This event is usually held in the hotel Disco, on the beach, or another event space on the resort. Your Grad Trip will include some amazing events: Graffiti, Canada Day, Masquerade, 4th of July (US passengers), White Out, Tight N' Bright, and Hawaiian Luau. Make sure to bring down your craziest costumes and get ready to celebrate!

Note: Depending on travelers arrival you may miss a theme

Off Resort themed night (included): Each grad trip will host one of their Themed night events off the resort at a unique venue! Each trip is different. The information about your night will be posted under Excursions and Events on “My Profile”. This event will be private; our staff, our students. transportation is included. For all off-resort events, drinks are not included. There will be a cash or ticket bar.

Off Resort Day excursion (included): This information about your included excursion can be found under Excursions and Events on “My Profile”. All excursions are private and are supervised by our Trained S-Trip! staff.

Extra Excursions: Under Excursions and Events on “My Profile” you will find all the information about all of the extra excursion to purchase. It is recommended to purchase them on “My Profile” before your trip as they may not be available to purchase in cash once you arrive.

Day activities (included): There's never a dull moment during the day time as the S-Trip! staff organize tons of activities, games, and contests. Have a staff vs students game of beach volleyball, or enter into the Mr. and Ms. S-Trip! competition. Every day will have something fun to do!

Volunteer (included): Our first volunteer project in 2010 was orchestrated by students who really wanted to give back to the community. This one idea changed our programs forever and now Volunteer Abroad is offered on every trip. We want to make the world a better place, and so do you. Let’s do it together!

Depending on destination, the volunteer project on your trip may differ between a Build & Restore project, Eco Conservation project, or a Cultural Exchange.

Details of your Volunteer Abroad experience can be found on your profile under "View Your Trip" and "Details."

For more info on S-Trip! Volunteer Abroad visit

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