We create Happy Travelers by providing unforgettable journeys for friends.

We strive to be the best tour operator in the world for youth. Everyday we ask ourselves two questions: How can we create the #TripofaLifetime? And how can we make sure every student is a Happy Traveler?

With our knowledge and years of experience in the travel industry, we created 4 indicators that determine whether we've achieved these goals. They are tracked and measured by our teams daily and are used to make improvements while trips are operating. We call these indicators our Happy Traveler Standards.

Safety - Our #1 and only 'non negotiable' Standard. Creating peace of mind for all travelers.

  • Extensive trip leader training
  • Comprehensive emergency plans and procedures
  • 24/7 Emergency Hotline during all travel periods
  • Minimum three destination inspections before travel date
  • Background checks for all trip leaders


Seamless Operations - Building and executing every aspect of a trip with a detailed focus.

  • 18 months of program planning
  • 100% tracking of all flights and buses
  • Trip leaders with travelers from major airports all the way to resort
  • Expert Destination Coordinators
  • Full program calendars confirmed 6 months before travel


Inclusive - Ensuring no physical, mental, or emotional boundaries prevent any student from experiencing any aspect of our trips.

  • A centrally located Info Desk
  • Creating accessible areas whenever possible
  • ‘Embrace Everyone’ mindset from all staff on program execution
  • Building great relationships with all travelers on trips
  • Inclusive language during all briefing speeches


Excitement - Creating and providing unique moments that would not be possible without Breakaway Tours.

  • Unique, exclusive venues for every night event
  • Exclusive program calendars only for our travelers
  • Create ‘wow’ moments everyday
  • Encourage exploration everyday
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