Each day of the trip travelers have three scheduled sign-ins with our trip leaders at the info desk. These happen once in the morning, afternoon, and night so that we can check in and make sure all is well. It is also an important time where we remind everyone what is going on for the day and the time the bus will leave for the daily excursions and night events if they are off the resort.

All travelers must check in for themselves, a friend can not do it for them. 

If a traveler misses two or more sign ins, we hold a meeting with that traveler and also make them give a call home to explain to their parents why they breached the Code that they signed and returned to us.

The final sign-in coincides with quiet time beginning at 10:00PM and all students must have completed final sign-in after evening events and before 1:00 AM. From 10:00pm to 7:00am we ask our travelers to remember that there are other guests in the hotel which is why we have quiet hours.Most likely non S-Trip! guests are beds sleeping and appreciate that we keep our noise at a respectable level.

For more details and to review the code of conduct please check here → http://www.s-trip.com/forms/#!/The+S-Trip!+Code

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