While your son/daughter is experiencing the time of their life with their friends, we want to assure parents at home that their son or daughter is in the responsible care of our well-trained trip leaders.

Safety is our number on priority, so you can rest assured that we will be in contact with you immediately should any issues arise with your son or daughter.

We always like to say no news is good news. Often time our travelers are having such a good time on their trip that the last thing on their mind is to call home. In the past we always find that vice versa, if there is a problem they call home right away as their gut reaction.

Keep in mind that in a lot of Caribbean countries, like Cuba, telecommunications can be painfully slow and even non-existent. Our trip leaders will have local phones that will be able to make international calls if they need to get a hold of parents or our head office for any reason. Because they need to keep these phones available in the event that there is an issue, these phones are not available for our travelers to use to make calls home to check in.

Below are some helpful tips that will keep you updated with your son pr daughter while they are away:

Text is best: One of the most efficient ways for your son or daughter to reach you is via text. We recommend that the travelers sends a text  to you once they arrive along with highlighting key information like their hotel room number, the name of their designated trip leader, and re-confirm the hotel phone number. 

There are a few other apps that our travelers like to use via wifi, however the connection is not always the best so it is better not to depend on it using the internet if you want to be in constant communication with your son or daughter.

Set aside specific time: Prior to departure, agree on a very specific time of day your daughter or son can reach you. For instance, have him/her phone or text you every other day at noon. Be mindful of any time difference, and ask your child to notify you if there is a schedule change in their daily routine that may affect your planned contact.

Purchase cell phone plan: If you wish to contact your son or daughter using their phone across borders, we recommend purchasing a travel cell phone plan. Contact your phone provider and they will provide you with the appropriate plan International fees can be super expensive so if you take this option, make sure your son or daughter is aware of what is included so that you do not acquire any additional fees. If you do not purchase a plan and your son or daughter uses their phone while in a different country, you will be slammed with high fees.

Parent calls to the hotel: Often times parents call directly to the hotel to get in touch with their son or daugher, however we do not recommend this option unless you have the number of their room. As we are booked under the groups reservation department, the main reception sometimes can not find the passenger's name because it is under a group reservation rather than an individual booking. When this happens, as you can imagine, it makes a parent go into panic and to think their son or daughter is not actually at the hotel. Since we are also in a Spanish speaking destination, the receptionist may not speak perfect English and this can be very frustrating for a parent who is trying to get in touch with their traveler. 

Need to reach your son or daughter: If you haven't heard from your son or daughter you can call our office at 1-866-627-8747. Our office staff will contact the Destination Staff on-site. The trip leader on site will mark down the message to contact and it will be given to your son or daughter during the next sign-in. Although we can and will not force a traveler to call their parent, we will remind them and make sure the message is passed along.

Update as they go: Have your child notify you if there is a schedule change in their daily routine that may affect your planned call. If your son or daughter is participating in an excursion there's a good chance they will miss your scheduled call.
Don't be concerned if you don't hear from your child every day. He/she is likely getting the most out of their time with their friends.

Please keep in mind that our incoming call volume increases significantly as we get closer to our trips, so if you have a question for our Help Desk you may want to consider calling sooner rather than later to avoid wait times.

Emergency Line: While trips are in progress, we will have staff in the office 24/7 to assist with any emergencies. If you need to contact your son/daughter for an emergency at anytime during their trip, please contact our office at 1.866.627.8747 and selection option #8. From there the staff on the other end of the line will be able to walk you through the steps we will need to take to resolve the problem.

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