Our programs have many different levels of Trip Leaders that provide support on all programs from start to finish. There is a lot of great information below to help you out.

Where do our Trip Leaders come from?

The S-Trip! Leaders come from a wide and diverse background, but all believe that working with youth and helping them travel and explore other places is the best job in the world. Our Trip Leaders range in age and all are available throughout the trip to the travelers for support, guidance, suggestions and assistance.

Trip Leaders on destination must undergo background checks and a comprehensive training program before they are assigned to a destination. Our senior Trip Leaders have been to the destination on numerous occasions and are very familiar with the programs, destinations, hotels and tour partners to make sure that the group has the best experience possible.

What is the Trip Leader to Traveler ratio?

On our programs we aim for no less than a 1-25 ratio for our Trip Leaders. From the time the group boards their international flight our trip leaders will be traveling with them unless the traveler has been booked a spot off of the waitlist. Once in destination these leaders are responsible for running the events, are there to make sure everyone is having fun and is safe, and for interacting daily with travelers (think of a camp counsellor).

What other Trip Leaders roles are there?

Beyond the Trip Leader there is a network of other leaders to help make sure the program runs without issues. This includes hotel managers, Program Directors, Trip Leader Coordinators, a MC, S-Trip! event leaders, Security, and others to support the Trip Leaders. Back in our head office we also have a team working our emergency line in case you would need to get in touch with your son or daughter while they are on the trip.

Where/when do our Trip Leaders meet our Travelers?

Our Trip Leaders will meet the group at the international airport gateway listed on their profile. They will be waiting in full uniform to meet the group and help them with check in, customs and immigration and will be on the flight with them to their destination. We also will have an airport coordinator team that will help the Trip Leaders with the check in process.

It is important to keep in mind that if you are traveling on a domestic flight first before traveling on your flight to the Caribbean, you may not have a Trip Leader on your flight.

How does supervision work in destination?

When our travelers arrive in destination,  the Trip Leaders travel on the transfer with them to the hotel and hold a welcome meeting where the code of conduct is reviewed along with the trip itinerary, emergency procedures, notes and other issues relevant to the program, hotel or destination.

Trip Leaders will be around at the dedicated S-Trip! info desk during the daytime, as well as patrolling the hotel, pool, beach and other areas day and part of the night ensuring that students are safe and having an enjoyable trip.

For more information on our Trip Leaders and supervision check out at www.s-trip.com/trip-leaders

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