The info desk is the one place on grad trip to get all the daily schedule information and purchase excursions, events, sign up for activities, sign in and just chill with staff!

There will always be a S-Trip! staff at the info desk during the day- Open daily 10am-1am

Staff are located at the info desk, roaming the hotel, at the beach running an activity or starting a game in the pool. We are on a schedule that makes sure there are staff around the entire resort to make sure that there is always someone available to assist our travelers.

If a traveler would have any sort of problem that they need to speak with our staff while our Info Desk is not functioning, the front desk would be able to call to a room of one of the staff to come to assist the traveler. All of the floors in the hotel will also have a staff on them and the students are aware which rooms they are if there is a emergency.

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