The price of your trip is based on your room occupancy. This means that the number of roommates you request will directly effect the price of your trip. The more roommates you have, the lower your trip price will be. The cost of the room is shared by the individuals who occupy that room. So if the number of people in your room decreases for any reason, the cost of your trip will increase. 

If you do not submit a rooming request with the names of each roommate, or submit a request that cannot be accommodated, S-Trip! will assign roommates of the same gender and group, and/or adjust your occupancy as necessary. 

If the number of people in your room changes, whether it was changed at your request, due to circumstances out of your control, or by S-Trip! when assigning rooms, you will be responsible for finding additional roommates to fill the space and/or paying the additional cost associated with an occupancy change. 

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