At an all inclusive resort there are usually 3 types of dining options.

A La Carte
Grill/Snack bar

Buffet dining will be the most common form of meals for the group. There are many options available each meal and there will often be vegetarian, local and international options. Reservations are generally not required and they have long hours for each meal service ie breakfast from 7 - 10, lunch 11-3 and dinner 5-9

A La Carte options will generally be a specific type of dining with specialized menu (seafood, Italian, Steak house). Not all options will be available each night due to the limited seating. Generally for these restaurants you will need to make a reservation, but no need to worry, we will go over that in the welcome briefing when you arrive.  A lot of times there are dress codes for A La  Carte options, men usually need closed toed shoes and a collared shirt and women shouldn't go wearing beach attire. 

Grill/Snack bar
Each resort will also have multiple snack bar/grill options. These will usually consist of simple foods like hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, pizza, fish and chips etc. Normally they are spread out around the property and each will have different hours and days available. There is no additional cost for these and seating is open. A lot of times this is the option that our travelers choose to eat at for lunch because they have a more laid back dress code compared to the other options. 

An important thing to remember, as hotel staff must sleep too, all inclusive means food and drinks are included, but are not typically available 24/7

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