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For Canadian Travelers

Youth Emergency Medical Insurance Plan (Included):

This insurance covers costs related to unexpected Emergency Medical expenses incurred during the dates of trip (from leaving home to returning home). There is no coverage for any medical incident that prevents travel or happens prior to the start or after the completion of travel.

**NOTE** S-Trip! Includes this insurance at no cost to all passengers on all programs. This is done to ensure worry free travel for all our travelers and peace of mind for parents and guardians. With this included insurance we can be sure all passengers will get the proper support on destination in the event of a medical emergency

Youth All-inclusive Plan (Extra): 

This insurance is an optional upgrade to the Youth Emergency Medical Insurance Plan. We highly recommend upgrading. In addition to Emergency Medical Insurance this insurance includes cancellation & interruption, baggage & personal effects, and flight and travel accident coverage subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. It is important to review and be aware of the limitations when purchasing insurance.

Reasons for cancellation may include:

  • Certain medical conditions
  • Death of an immediate family member
  • Problems with Government Advisories and Visas

Reasons for cancellation that insurance does not cover may include:

  • Changing your mind about the trip 
  • Your friends/roommates deciding not to travel 
  • Not being able or willing to make further payments 
  • Conflicting events (including school events, dance recitals, team sports, and family events) 


Youth Deluxe Plan (Extra)

Should anything happen while traveling abroad the Manulife Youth Deluxe Insurance Package is there to ease any financial burden that incurs from medical expenses, stolen or lost luggage, dental, emergency hospital visits, medical evacuations, trip cancellations, or trip interruption. Subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

The Youth Deluxe Plan is similar to the Youth All-Inclusive Plan, however covers you for a much larger amount of money.

See the difference between Youth Deluxe Policy VS. Youth All-Inclusive Package


Premium Protection Plan (Extra)

Everyone wants peace of mind while traveling abroad. The Manulife Premium Protection Plan is the most comprehensive insurance package offered.

Coverage includes Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption, Travel Disruption, Emergency Medical, Baggage Loss, Damage and Delay and Travel Accident. Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Insurance provides coverage, if due to an unexpected event, but limited to the terms and conditions of the policy.



For USA Travelers

US Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is available from Travel Guard. For questions call Travel Guard at 1.800-826-1300 or view this policy information; you can include the insurance with your reservation through the booking process or contact our Help Desk.




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