Price comparison vs. sell off or online

Although it may be possible to get a sell off or last minute price that is lower than our price, this is simply not possible with the large advance booking groups we work with. A sell off or last minute seat is generally applicable for a small number of rooms or distressed inventory that has not sold out and must be paid in full at the time of request. With our program we would not have the ability to offer the infrastructure, staffing, events, group insurance, support, early booking incentives and payment plans using this method.

S-Trip! works with over 300 groups every year with thousands of passengers. As a result we need to ensure that we are holding space with the suppliers as early as possible. When booking large groups like this we have to ensure the prices are set early or it would be impossible to reserve the space and ensure everyone has the same trip and we have the proper infrastructure, staff, events and security in place. Discounted pricing may be at the same hotel, but might not be the same tour operator as the main group which would result in some students having potentially different air flights or routings, be assigned to different wings or floors within the hotel, and be offered different features.

When comparing dates and hotels keep in mind that we chose student friendly properties at a minimum and these tend to fill up the earliest. We are also travelling during March Break which is a peak week for travel, and typically this travel period does not have much discounting or selloffs.

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