Itinerary and date of travel

Where can I find the date of my trip? The date and itinerary is placed on the details tab of “My profile”. It is listed under FLIGHTS.

When will the date and itinerary for my trip be released?

At S-Trip! we work with all the major tour operators to your destination.  

We negotiate group space with them far in advance, sometimes before they have even finalized their flight schedules. Multiple suppliers would serve the same destination and as a result have different availability and space.

As group numbers fluctuate we do not permanently assign a final departure slot until after the final payments for the group are received and the final group number is known, however a spot on the trip is reserved with the initial reservation form and deposit. There is a live spot held for each and every registration immediately upon signing up.

This is done to ensure that the entire group can travel together on the same itinerary.

Final travel times are not released until after the final payments for the group are received. As group sizes may vary and shift between the initial booking date and the final booking date this could affect the allotted space.

Our intention is to ensure that all students from the same group have the same itinerary. We also work with the students to try to avoid school events and other issues that could affect their travel plans. We thank you for your understanding.

March Break program travel is normally over the schools scheduled March Break. In certain circumstances (large or small groups, certain starting points or other factors) groups may leave as early as a few days before the start or overlap the end of the break period. We try to minimize those situations whenever possible.

Summer trips are normally planned to depart the last weekend in June or one of the first two weekends in July. Most departures in the summer are Friday to Sunday, but can be potentially Thursday-Monday as the airlines do not fly as frequently at this time. We try to co-ordinate with the trip organizer to ensure that the dates do not conflict with end of school events such as exams or prom.

*If you have a specific conflict with a pre-existing event and you notify us in writing prior to the balance date, we may be able to request alternate dates or make special arrangements.


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