My Profile - how to navigate

Most of the questions you have can be answered on your online profile.

My profile → view, find and edit. Contact info, Payment info, Trip Details. Navigate your Profile

This information is available through your online profile and can be reviewed or updated online at your convenience.

Here is how to get started.

Log into “My Profile”  which can be found at the top of our home page at by using your email address and passenger code.

Your profile is broken into 2 parts.

Personal Info

Under the “Personal Info” Tab you can: Correct your personal information, update your contact details (including primary email contact), add medical information or notes, update your passport details, add or change your emergency contact information and more.

Under the “Payment Info” Tab you can: Add, change or remove your credit card and Visa/debit card information for future payments, review past and upcoming payments on your file and more.

Your Current Trip

On the left hand side under “My Profile” you can click the blue “VIEW YOUR TRIP” button to review the Overview, Details and Payments tab.

The “Overview Tab”, gives general information about your program in one spot including trip details, upcoming payments, organizer information and inclusions on the trip.

The “Details Tab” gives specific information on your file and includes your itinerary, extras, insurance choices and more. From this tab you can, add an event or excursion, review event details. Print off and view waivers or other documents including the code of conduct. You can also review your roommates. Your selected insurance information will appear in this tab.

This tab will also show hotel & flight information when released.

At the bottom of this tab is the “Documents” section where you will find important documents such as vouchers, tickets, your itinerary and the Code of Conduct.

The “Payments Tab” will review your current account; pricing and payments made and is the spot to make payments. Payments can be made by Interac or Credit Card.

Under this tab you can view your current account standing and print or email a copy of the invoice.


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