Travelers are responsible for selecting roommates

Upon booking, travelers must select their desired room occupancy – the occupancy selected will affect the cost of the trip. Once room occupancy is chosen, travelers are responsible for selecting roommates based on that occupancy. Travelers must submit their roommate selection by the assigned deadline. If the traveler submits an incomplete request, a request that cannot be accommodated, or does not submit a request, S-Trip will assign roommates of the same gender and group, and/or adjust the traveler’s occupancy as necessary. Should the number of people in your room change, whether it was changed at your request, due to circumstances out of your control, or by S-Trip! when assigning rooms, you will be responsible for finding additional roommates to fill the space and/or paying the additional cost associated with an occupancy change. S-Trip! reserves the right to adjust room assignments based on hotel space and availability. The room occupancy of your choice may not always be available due to hotel space limitation and/or restrictions.

Hotels do not match beds to occupancy, the number of pillows across a bed represents the number of people allocated there.

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