Trip dollars

Trip Dollars are a travel credit that may be used with any trip with S-Trip! and Campus Vacations. 1 Trip Dollar is equivalent to $1. Trip Dollars do not expire.

Trip Dollars are only transferable to siblings, proof of which may be requested, and they must be used in entirety for one trip – they cannot be combined, separated, or transferred between trips or passengers. Trip Dollars are void if the passenger cancels and receives any refund from any insurance company. If the new trip costs less than the passenger’s Trip Dollars, there will be no refund or credit assigned for the difference. If the total cost of new trip exceeds the total Trip Dollars, the difference must be paid by the passenger in order to confirm the booking. 
Trip Dollars hold no cash value, and cannot be refunded for cash, and may not be used in conjunction with other promotional offers, special trips or discounts.
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